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Testimonials from Writing Students

“This class has been amazing. You are such an open, inclusive person. You have the ability to make each individual feel important and their voice, their thoughts, validated. Your openness has encouraged everyone around you to share. And I love that you can always find the positive to remark on for each person’s writing.” Stephanie

“It was an excellent writing class. Teacher encouraged students gently and persistently, and gave a lot of information/learning materials to think of. I learned that the personal essay is an art, and that creative needs great discipline while the writer should get over his/her own fear.” Minyoung

“The work you inspired was fun and cool!” Evhan


American Business Women's Association: ABCs of a Sustained Entrepreneurial Career. February 2017.

PEO Topeka Branch: Reinvention At All Ages. April 2018.

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