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Float On


Debuting on World AIDS Day, Molly Krause’s memoir Float On explores her complex early life shared with two sisters—the oldest biological, the other an adopted African-American baby. A mother left to raise the three young girls when the father revealed he was gay and moved across the country. Struggles in the family with mental illness and substance abuse. And despite separation through divorce, a coming together of the family to help the father during his illness and death from HIV/AIDS.   

Joy Again


Joyce Becker appears to have moved on after the unexpected, mysterious  death of her husband Andy a year ago. With her sister Maggie, she  continues to run the restaurant she and Andy opened decades earlier. But  keeping the secret of the details of his death is taking a toll on her  relationships with her daughter Cassie and Maggie. When Cassie announces  her engagement to her boyfriend Jacob, a series of unforeseen events  unfold. The unlikely intersections of the two families threaten Cassie's  engagement plans. But the bonds of family prevail as they grapple with  secrets, forgiveness, and what it means for a person to move on with  their life.

The Cook's Book of Intense Flavors


The Cook's Book of Intense Flavors is an indispensable guide to  exotic and decadent flavor combinations for the advanced chef. Filled  with more than 100 extraordinary combinations, The Cook's Book of Intense Flavors will  make you rethink the way you approach food and each exotic flavor is  accompanied by an inspired recipe as an example of how to use it. And  unlike other flavor references, this book offers a recipe for each  combination so you know exactly how to use what you learn.

Praise for Float On

“In her memoir Float On,  Molly Krause gives us a kaleidoscopic view of family life: the episodic  atmosphere of childhood, adolescence’s exquisite and excruciating  transformations, and the very real joys and tragedies that turn us into  fully-rendered adults. She writes with clarity and dignity as her father  comes out to the family as gay, as her mother drinks and gives up  drinking, as Molly herself comes of age, falls in love, and struggles  with her sisters and their parents to keep their family intact, even  after they lose their father. From Topeka, Kansas to New York City, from  dance rehearsals to family therapy sessions, Krause guides readers the  way good memoirists must, by rendering with nuance and complexity a  story full of the kinds of love and truth that matter for us all.”Rachel DeWoskin, author of Bling, Big Girl Small, Repeat After Me, and Foreign Babes in Bejing.

More Praise for Float on

“By  the time she was 25, Molly Krause had seen several lifetimes’ worth of  trauma in her immediate family: divorce, suicide attempts, alcoholism,  crack addiction, AIDS, and untimely death. She endured loss after loss  without ever losing herself, and the qualities that carried her  through—equanimity, intelligence, honesty, and a sly sense of humor—are  the same ones that distinguish her prose in this deeply moving memoir.” Eric McHenry, 2015-2017 Kansas Poet Laureate, associate professor of English, Washburn University.

More Praise for Float On

“At  thirteen, Molly Krause spent a summer at the Dance Theater of Harlem,  the only white girl in her classes. One teacher called her the  ‘blue-eyed girl from the capital of Kansas.’ But nobody is a cliché,  especially a person who has spent years coming to an understanding of  family matters and how family matters. The matters: divorce, a  gay father HIV positive who dies of AIDS, a sister's suicide attempts, a  family struggling with drugs and alcohol. What matters: the honest,  direct, sympathetic account the reader finds in Float On, of lives spent yearning and learning to be whole.”Thomas  Fox Averill, Professor Emeritus, Washburn University, author of rode, A  Carol Dickens Christmas, and Found Documents from the Life of Nell  Johnson Doerr


Molly Krause was born and raised in Kansas, graduating from The University of Kansas with a degree in Social Welfare. Her essays have appeared in Ragazine, Manifest-Station, and Brain, Child.  She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her husband and two daughters. When not hunched over a laptop writing, walking with Robert and her two border collies Lucy and Desi, or chasing down her teenage daughters, attending adult ballet class is the highlight of her week.